Sailor Saturn
Tomoe Hotaru

Name Means: Firefly of Earth (that is the neatest meaning!)
Birthday: January 6
Sign: Capricorn
Blood Type: AB
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite food: Japanese noodles
Least favorite food: Milk
Favorite subject: World History
Least favorite subject: Physical Education
Hobbies: reading, collecting lamps
Dream: to be a doctor

Death Ribbon Revolution
(She uses this attack to destroy the world. . . scary huh?)
Silence Wall
Silence Glaive Surprise
(This releases death, but Saturn dies if she uses this power)

Sailor Saturn is one of the most powerful senshi, being that she can
destroy the world.  But, as Hotaru she is very weak and isn't good at
sports or anything like that.  Also she has a power to heal people's
wounds really fast.  Her classmates think she's really weird, and so she
doesn't have a lot of friends until she meets Chibi-Usa.  They become
best friends.  (oh happiness)  :-)

However, in Sailor MoonS, Hotaru is possessed by Mistress 9

and her Dad (professor tomoe) is possessed by Pharoh 90.  See, Prof. Tomoe is
a scientist and one day Hotaru wandered into the lab and one of the
experiments blew up killing everyone but Prof. Tomoe.  Pharoh 90 showed
up and said he would save Hotaru if Prof. Tomoe would work for him.
Of course, he agreed and Pharoh 90 possessed him and Hotaru.
The outer senshi kept trying to destroy Hotaru to destroy Mistress 9
and the inner senshi kept trying to save her.  But Hotaru beats Mistress (
(surprise) and the she and Super Sailor Moon go beat Pharoh 90.
Hotaru is turned into a baby and given back to her dad.  (That is so
happy I think I'm gonna cry.)
Of course in Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Galaxia makes Hotaru grow up
so she can have Sailor Saturn's Star seed, but hey, that means Chibi-Usa
can have a best friend again!  (who's not a flying horse or a cat.)

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