"What's the deal? She can't be Sailor Moon. . . " (Serena)

"Oh Cosmic!"

"Major Chocolate Hit"

"Does this mean I'll miss the Sailor V Movie?"

"I will right wrongs. . . "

"You're Meatloaf!" (Raye)

"Sometimes reality really stinks" (Lita)

"Sorry the place is such a mess. . ."(Andrew/Lita)

Scout Power

"Lookin Sharp there. . ." (Artemis)

Rini's Tuxedo Mask Song

"Are you some kind of nutbar?" (Darien)

Allan's Flute

"Graveyards give me the heebie-jeebies. . ." (Melvin)

"I am Tuxedo Melvin. . . "

"He must have been dropped. . ." (Molly)

"Who needs sunshine anyway?"