Sailor Uranus
Ten'ou Haruka

Birthday:  January 27
Astrolgical Sign:  Aquarius
Blood Type:  B
Favorite Color:  Gold
Hobby:  Car Racing
Favorite Food:  Salad
Least Favorite Food:  Natto
Favorite Subject:  Physical Education
Least Favorite Subject:  Modern Japanese
Dream:  To become a Professional Race Car Driver

Sailor MoonS

Uranus Planet Power Make up
World Shaking

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

Uranus Crystal Power Make up
Space Sword Blaster

Haruka appears in Sailor MoonS with her partner Michiru (Sailor Neputune)
Haruka looks and acts like a boy.  A Handome Boy.  In fact, a couple
of the inner senshi have crushes on her before they find out she's
female.  She teases them mercilessly about this.
Sailor Uranus is probably the strongest of the senshi.  She is totally
devoted to whatever cause she may be fighting for at the moment, and
is willing to sacrafice her life (or anybody else's life), for it.
When she and Sailor Neptune are searching for the talismans
(talismen?)  they become enemies of the inner senshi because they are
willing to kill whoever has the talismen to possess them.  Luckily it's she,
Sailor Neptune and Sailor Pluto who possess them (if you haven't already
guessed the talisman sailor uranus possesses is the space sword) and
their lives are spared and all that fun stuff.

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