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Last Update: March,14,99"

Hello my name is Ukyou Kuonji, and this is my cute SPEED page!! I got into speed a few months ago. The first song of speed I heard was a clip of white love in my head was the image of all of them singing at a mall or something but to my surprise! Eri and Hiro-Chan were the only ones singing. I was sooooo excited cause they were and still are very young with great vocal talents at first my favorite members were Eri and Hitoe it wasn't till after may,june and july I started liking all the girls, and some of my friends say I sing like Eri-Chan I guess I kinda do *sound clip will be here soon whenever that is*Speed came to be as four young girls*images will go here. Hitoe Arakaki-15,Hiroko Shimbukuro-11,Eriko Imai-12 and Takako Uehara-13* at acting class in Okinawa, dreamed of singing and dancing on stage. and now two and a half years later!!*image gose here Hitoe-17,Eriko-15,Takako-15 and Hiroko-13*are still singing their hearts out bringing thir beautiful harmony to us all.


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