The Moon Garden
Zene Assay
30 July 1999
        Hur! Hur! Hur! *0* We sorry very much for this. Yesterday I and our team decide to close this site for a while. Because, the feed back from our visitor and guest is scold for we never finished this site. Some of link in underconstruct. So our team decided "We will close the moon garden for a while and re-open it after we finish all link and homepage". I'm sorry again for it. You can vilify, scold, curse or do everything for cure your angry. But please come back again at next time or sent your word to me at I donno how we open. But when we finish this site we will tell you, first. At last, I had the bad news to tell you. Mr. Andy, the html maker of "The Moon Garden", he must go to the other country for his job about 2 months. So this site will under-con for this time until he back. Thank you very much.
With love, Zene



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