Hello, and Welcome to the addicted to anime site!


I'm Lill Miss Ami, please call me Miss Ami.

My site is always a work in progress, but it looks pretty good about now!

And its about time!!!

I'm actually very proud of the work that's happened here. Don't let this front page fool you, I've got tons of goodies packed in here for you. :-)

I hope you guys like what I do with it, and I always encourgae feedback, because how else am I gonna know if my page sucks or not!

So you can email me at mercury2003@hotmail.com and I'll mail you back, I prommise!

I want to put up some really great pictures, and I finally got around to uploading them (loads of free time comes upon those who are unemployed and out of school) So go check them out

And here's the beginning of my page!

Click on me to begin!


You just so happen to be the Sailor Moon addict to pass through my site since this counter was updated on August 25th. But I updated this page last on November Fourth 1998. Just thought you'd like to know.
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And look I've Adopted Darien!!!

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