Welcome to my Sailor Moon page!

Yes, I know. This isn't original, you've seen it already on the Net...pages just like this or better! But how can you like something so much and not dedicate a page to it?? So here it is my very own Sailor Moon page!!!

So just exactly what is Sailor Moon??

Just who are these people??

Visit my pics of Darien and Darien and Serena!

My Scout ;-)

Serena has kisses Darien times!! :-)

Well, thats it! Hope ya liked it! If you did please please send me email! BTW, this was last updated 8-16-97 and everything here is takeable!(with a few exceptions, and please don't copy the whole page ;)

Sailor Moon is a product of many people, it is not mine in any way. etc etc. Thanks for visiting! 1