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Indian beauty Former Miss World in typical Indian costume.

Aishwarya Rai Former Miss World

India is full of surprises. India a great nation has given to the world many firsts. Come and visit my country to see the vastness and greatness of the nation. The beautiful and gentle people are soul of the country. The villages of the nation are as good as the people. India is a land of stupendous dimensions - colourful, exotic, traditional, modern. India meets the expectations of every type of tourist. With varied topography, picturesque valleys, high mountain peaks and cascading rivers, she never ceases to surprise tourists with her kaleidoscopic attractions and vibrant music.


Hello! I'm Rakesh

City of SolanI live in Solan, Shimla. If you don't know, it is in India Asia. Solan is in the State of Himachal, this state is in the north of India and the beauty of the area is breathtaking.

About me: I'm working in Softpros as (Project Director). I like computing, video, music and many other things. Click for my Resume/Profile.


Profile  The globe is indicative of one global village.

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