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Okay, all you people in the wrong place! If you're looking for stuff on the Renaissance, crawl back into whatever search engine hell you came from and try again. The same to all you Trekkies!

No offense, Richard...

In Memory of the New Year...

VASH's Renaissance has undergone change... I know, frightening, isn't it? Every section has been updated! Bueno, updated or eliminated, especially as in the case of KTO's Picks. Our dear KTO has gone off to Standford (that ratty school... ;), and can no longer pick out her picks in such a way as to cause updates. This index page is still a bit graphics heavy!


January ?? 2000: The big New Year's update! Every section visted over and fanfiction once again makes its delightful appearance! I've even added a section about me, ooo! You won't find out much, but check it out anyway... ;) And...even more's the second anniversary of this page! Whoo-HOO! :)

Best year of the century!


"This is the century that split the atom, probed the psyche, spliced genes and cloned a sheep. It invented plastic, radar and the silicon chip. It built airplanes, rockets, satellites, televisions, computers and atom bombs. It overthrew our inherited ideas about logic, language, learning, mathematics, economics and even space and time. And behind each of these great ideas, great discoveries and great inventions is, in most cases, one extraordinary human mind."

TIME magazine, "The Great Minds of the Century" March 29, 1999

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