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Welcome to Baby Abacus's Castle in the Sky!!!!

Now you may be wondering what an earth pony is doing with a castle in the sky and I just may answer that question. I was born with out wings or a horn and knew there was something I was missing. I grew up watching all the pegasi flying about and looking down on me, so I began to day dream. I thought of this beautiful crystal castle that only I and a few friends knew about. Just a little place to call my own. Now I am inviting you to my castle in the sky. To get here, you just need to close your eyes; to get back, just open them back up.
For now, let me take you on a tour of the place. Outside, you can see my beautiful gardens where flowers of all kinds grow, even some rare ones. They are always in bloom and no biting bugs ever fly near here. Only the beautiful butterflies and dragonflies and several birds fly around here (and of course any pegasi that come to visit!).

As you enter my castle and to your left, you see the nursery where all my duplicates are waiting to find new homes. And on your right, you see the Sallon where I wait to wash up new ponies who come in. A list of ponies I am missing is in that room.

Straight ahead and to your right is the pool. In the pool room, you will find a list of Rules
we need to follow. These rules are for trading and buying purposes and must be followed. Because there are certain ponies out there that are dishonest, I have also posted a Never Again page and hope to warn others of their misdeeds.

Straight ahead and out the back door, you will find the game room where all my ponies play. Out there, you will see all the ponies I have playing tennis or ping pong ball or any game they would like to play. Please feel free to dally there and play a game or two.

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E-mail me and let me know what you think of my page (and let me know of any errors!) or if you want to trade. If you would like to post your trade/want lists on this page, please e-mail your lists and what name you would like it under. Please add my link to your web page!
I have written a story about my own custom ponies. Please read my story on El Nino and American Beauty and let me know what you think.

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