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Hey Everyone! Miaka, Suzaku No Miko, here! Welcome to the official Fushigi Yuugi OAV fandub homepage! And We need YOUR HELP!! #1,I need already casted member to email me
. Because ASAP, scripts are going to be sent out, and I want to make sure everyone still wants to be a part of this dub. Second of all, I desperately need the raw OVA 1, and someone to do wordfit w/ the translations I have. #3, I need someone more familiar withFY to help me finish casting. If anyone is interestd, EMAIL ME!!! We have the CDs, and a dubber, we just need YOUR help!!! Please, email ASAP!!!
Last Updated December 27th, 1998.

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Our crew:
Exectutive Producer: Michelle Sullivan
Lyric Writers: -
Assitant Casting Director: Sasha Arnkoff, Mark Sprague
Video Producer: Heather Roche

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Last updated on December 27th, 1998.

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