Watch out! 看呀!

Here is a planet. Yes, here you find the CK's planet. Welcome! You are landing our planet.

CK's planet is a small planet, runs in the orbit of interplanetary. It is too small that nobody know its existence. We don't have any resources. We used to imported from the neighbour. However all our people are diligent, industrious, intelligent, strength in accommodate transiet and confidence in confront adversity. We are work hard in launching our design.

In order to thriving this planet, your promotion and comments are contributing. Please visit the home of our members, you are always welcome. Enjoy this trip in our planet.

看到上面的小行星嗎? 這就是小星球CK 啦. 歡迎光臨我們的小天地.

CK 是一個細小的行星, 在太陽系的軌跡裡運行. 我們的星球也實在太小了, 所以未為人發現. 我們的行星沒有天然資源, 所以用上很多網上現成的材料. 可是我們都有勤奮,刻苦,超凡的心,頑強的適應力,加上勇於面對逆境的毅力, 推使我們努力創作, 希望很快有自己的設計.

有你們的意見和推介, 我們會積極學習, 致力改善, 令 CK 這小行星欣欣向榮. 歡迎瀏覽我們的其他網頁, 在我們的天地裡, 找到歡欣快樂.

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