The Shrine of Lucrezia Noin

Yoku irasshaimashita!! Welcome to Lucrezia Noin's shrine! As the name suggests, this page is specially dedicated to the one and only Lucrezia Noin from Gundam Wing! ^^ In here, I'll be putting up lots of Noin sama's stuffs and anything else I can get my MS on and heck, we'll throw in Zechs too *evil grin*

I'm workin on creating / expanding the sections, so minna please be patient with me? *shrinks*

Computer Graphics

Pics of Noin san done on pc . ^^

Marker Art Gallery

Pics of Noin san inked and colored with markers.

VCD Captures

Noin san on TV!

Request Page

Want me to draw Noin san in other ways u see fit? Drop me a request!

Petition for a Anime Channel in Singapore!

Singaporean anime lovers! Make you voices heard! Petition for a anime channel here!!!


Updates done..... if any

More about Noin

Learn about me! >)

The Unofficial Shin Kidousenki Gundam Wing Club.
This is a joint homepage done by a few tomodachi-tachi of mine and me.

Sou until i finally put up the sections here, please visit the link above! ARIGATO!

Till then, Noin fans have paid their homage to this shrine!

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Meantime, mails, challenge letters, love letters, er......flame mail *shrink* , questions are to be sent to Lucrezia Noin

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