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Shrine to the Unwanted Seishi

Image of Chir and Mits from the Original FY CD

Chiriko and Mitsukake

Chiriko enters the shrine and looks around.

Chir: Hey, Mitsukake! Come in here!

Mitsukake enters. Tama-neko sits contently on his shoulder.

Mits: Hmmmmmm. It's just another shrine.

Chir: Hai, but it's a shrine to us!!

A woman walks in from another room. She wears sweatpants, a sweater and moccasin slippers. She carries some flowers in a vase, which she sets upon a small table. She turns to Mitsukake and Chiriko.

Cind: Konnichiwa, Mits-chan, Chiri-chan. Welcome to your shrine. I'm glad you stopped by. She gives them both a big smile.

Mitsukake and Chiriko blink. *piku,piku*

Mits: Who are you?

Chir: Did you create this shrine?

Cind: Mmm hmm. I'm Cind-chan and I'll be your Miko.

Mitsukake and Chiriko go SD and look at each other wide-eyed.

Both: Our Miko??

Cind: Well, in a way. You see, you each already have a miko. But I'm a miko for the two of you combined. I'm Unwanted Suzaku Seishi no Miko.

Mits: Unwanted Suzaku Seishi no Miko?!

Chir: You mean no one wants us?

Cind: Well, do you see people scrambling to put up shrines for you? Tamahome even has his own webring! Actaully, it's not so much that you're unwanted, it's just that you're under-rated. There's so little about the two of you, that it gives the impression that you're unwanted. Don't worry too much, there are people who like you two. As I said, you each have a personal miko. And I built this shrine to show that you are liked. Well, feel free to look around. If you need anything, I'll be in the garden.

Cind-chan leaves the shrine as Mitsukake and Chiriko start walking around.

Chir: Hey look! Here's a room all about me!

Mits: Look here! I've also got a room!

Mits: Hmmmm. Where does this door go? It looks like a garden

Chir: Well, Cind-chan said she'd be in the garden. Lets go see if she's still there.

Mits: What's this room? Everything I needed to know, I learned from watching Fushigi Yuugi.

Chir: Wai! Fushigi Yuugi is entertaining and educational! I simply must study that list!

Chir: Wow! Cind-chan has even written some fanfics!

Mits: How interesting! Lets go and read them!

Mist: What's this? A list of links. Why do people always have a list of links?

Chir: I don't know. Maybe there's a law or something that says you have to have links.

Chir: This must be the gallery that Cind-chan was telling us about!

Mits: Hai. Lets go and see what pictures she has of us.

Chir: Hey, it's a guestbook! Lets sign it!

Mits: Lets take a look at who else signed it.

Guestbook by Lpage

Mits: Look at this. She has a mailbox in the shrine so people can send heremail.

Chir: Look at all the people who have visited this shrine!

Mits: Or else, one person has been here this many time.

CounterSince Oct.7, 1997

Chir: Wow! She even has disclaimers in here!

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Mits-chan and Chiri-chan in SD form

Mits: What's this down here?

Chir: I don't know. Lets go and see.

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