Image of Chiri playing a flute This little fellow is Chiriko. Yes Chiriko is a boy despite how he looks. Isn't he just adorable?? ^_^ Yeah, yeah, I know. He has funky hair and an IQ that's higher than yours and mine combined. But he's such a cute little thing! This adorable pic here was sent to me by Sarah Elizabeth Williams. Arigato, Sarah!! His seiyuu is Kawakami Tomoko. I haven't found much on her, but I do know that she is the voice for Tenjou Utena on "Shoujo Kakumei Utena", which is available commercially here in the USA. She was also the voice for Chris Christopher from "Battle Athletes", Clarette from "Langrisser 5", and Nei Riisun from "Langrisser Millinium". I also have an URL for Kawakami Tomoko, but it's in Japanese. A great big thanks to Melody T Yung for this info!! If you know where I can find an English info on her, please, email me. I'd greatly appreciate it.

Warning! Spoilers for ep. 24 by the next pic. I don't know much about him. But he is around for such a short time. His real name is Ou Doukun. He's 13 and has his birthday on Mar.19, making him an Pisces. He was born in Western Konan, and has a mother and older brother. His blood type is "A", which means he's honest, introverted, nervous, and loyal. He's 148cm, which is..uh..ummm...under 5' tall.

He was the last and youngest to join the Suzaku Seishi. (He's probably the youngest in the entire show!). He has the character "cho", meaning "stretching", on his foot. His power is his great intellegence. In fact, this kid is so smart, he was the youngest to pass the Government Board Exam of Konan! But when his character disappears, he becomes a frightened, not too bright, boy. Spoiler Warning! Spoiler for ep 24 below!

The real Chiriko didn't appear till this episode. Before he came everyone though that the Seiryuu Seishi, Amiboshi, was Chiriko. But when they went to summon Suzaku, Amiboshi played his flute which caused extreme pain to the others. But the real Chiriko played a different series of notes on his leaf whistle and stopped the power of Amiboshi's flute. Tamahome, Tasuki, Miaka, and Chichiri went after Amiboshi. They caught up with him by the raging river, where he lost his footing and fell into the river. When they returned to the Palace, the real Chiriko explained to them that he saw death in the stars of the Suzaku Seishi and hurried to help them.

Did you ever wonder about the exam that Chiriko took? Well, this is info that was sent to me about the Civil Service Exam of Ancient China.

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