Cind-chan's Missing Links

Cind-chan's Missing Links

Welcome to my links page. These are links to places that I have been to and enjoyed greatly. I hope you enjoy them as well!

Be sure to check out my other sites:

City Hunter, Sweeper: For Hire
A site for another fave show of mine, City Hunter. ^_^ It's also the site of the "One and Only Shrine to Makimura". ^.^

Anime Link:

The best place to go for anything having to do with anime!

Fushigi Yuugi Info Sites:

feeling: Fushigi Yuugi:
This is a neat site! It has a few shrines and quite a bit of stuff to download like screen savers, desktop themes, wallpaper, and more. ^_^


The Mitsukake Shrine:
WAI!! Another, though smaller, shrine to Mits-chan! And it's run by Mitsukake no Miko herself!
The Assholes Shrine:
The name says it all! Tamahome and Tasuki's shrine to Nakago. A must see! ^O^

Fanfic Sites:

Gundam Wing:
This page has some really great GW fanfics! And the best part, they aren't yaoi! That's rare!
Richard Lawson's Fanfics:
This has some of the best Ranma fics I've ever read!! Be sure to read "Heart of the Home", which show Kasumi in a different light.

Other Anime Sites:

Life in a Japanese School:
This place explains Japanese schools. It's a really cool place to go if you're interested in finding out about the school life you see in Anime. This site seems to have disappeared, sadly. If it has moved and you know where, please let me know!!
Star Charts and Moon Stations:
Ever wonder where Watase-sama got the names of the Seishi? Check this page out!
This is the only commercial site I'm putting here. It's a place that's run by a dear friend of mine. The guy is super sweet, has some really good stuff, and does a great job!

Clubs and MLs I belong to:

Shitajiki Online:
Collect shitajiki(pencil boards)? Then go here and join the club created just for you!


The Truth About "E-Mail Viruses"...:
Have you ever wondered if email virus warnings are true? This place will help calm your fears. It helped answer my questions regarding email virus warnings.
Akira Kurosawa Database:
A page that has just about everything to do with one of the greatest Japanese (if not world) directors. Kurosawa passed away Sept.6, 1998
Toshiro Mifune:
A site dedicated to the great Japanese actor who had a leading role in many of Kurosawa's films. Sadly, the actor passed away Dec.23,1997.

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