Everything I Needed to Know, I Learned From Watching Fushigi Yuugi.

Well, the title pretty much tells you what it is. I'd like to send a thanks and a great big hug to all the people in my FYML group who helped me to get this started.

I'd like to thank everyone who has submitted over the past years, but I'm afraid to say I will not be accepting any more submission. I simply don't have the time to add them. Thank you for you understanding.

Be warned! There are spoilers in here!

It's good to be Miko. Cind-chan

Yes, it is possible to fit hair down to your back, into a small box on top of your head. ChichiriNoMiko

Always drop a coin at the vending machine in the National Library. Shuurei

All Japanese girls either eat or study. Shuurei

When you are wondering in a strange, misty forest and see a buffet of food in the clearing, do not run to it! Shuurei

If you do run to it, shards of ceramic plates will do the trick to get you out. Shuurei

If you stab yourself with a plate, you get all the guys around you, and see the creator of the universe. Shuurei

If you want to make a good impression on an old woman, dying your hair green, going SD, and offering to "fix her face", is not the way to do it. Ou Doukun no Miko

If you want to make a good impression on a yound man, dying your hair green, going SD, and offering to "fix his perversion", is not the way to do it. Ou Doukun no Miko

Never insult an "old fart" that has a bunch of mirrors and green bubbles. Ou Doukun no Miko

All men look good in drag. Sora-neko
(with the exception of Mits-chan. Cind-chan.)

Yes, hair can defy gravity. (re: Chichiri) Sora-neko

You can fish off a roof into empty space and expect to catch something. Sora-neko

Hitting teachers with a desk is bad. Sora-neko

You don't want to be Miaka, you want to replace Miaka, and have your pick of Bishonen. Sekala

Hotohori sparkles Sekala

It's very convienient to have a kasa. Sekala

Suzaku Seishi are fun to play with (ask Nakago ^_^) Sekala

It's what's behind the mask or makeup that counts. Sekala

The size of a person does not determine the size of that person's inner strength, beauty, or bravery. Tammy Neko

Even if a certain person is outwardly unattractive, he/she may be a very caring, compassionate person. Tammy Neko

All powerful beings are old ladies, little girls, chickens or different species having intercourse. Tammy Neko

The brighter his forehead is glowing, the angrier the person you're annoying is (this also counts for when the person's arm, foot, knee, etc, is glowing.) Tammy Neko

If you hear the swipe of a iron fan, followed by the syllable "Le...", run before that person finishes the incantation!! Tammy Neko

Green, glowing bubbles can either kill a demon, heal a person, or both. Tammy Neko

Most bad guys were abused as children, abandoned and/or lost family members. Tammy Neko

Sadly, this also holds true for most good guys. ~_~;; Tammy Neko

Baby-like enemies wielding prayer wheels are more dangerous than they look. Tammy Neko

Wolfmen are especially dangerous after being whipped. Tammy Neko

Don't hug your boyfriend when's he under the power of a potent drug, and wielding nunchucks. Tammy Neko

Blood transfusions do not actually require medical apparatus of any kind. Sailortwig

Some characters can disappear into a straw hat, while others cannot. Sailortwig

For the love of Suzaku...stay out of the alleys!! Sailortwig

Henchmen have a knack for adhering to ceilings. Sailortwig

Try not to enter the temples to the gods of your sworn enemies, those things are enough trouble as it is! Sailortwig

It's ok to fall on the Emperor's head, but it's not ok to kiss his woman! Sailortwig

Something as little as changing out of a school uniform, can have some pretty serious drawbacks. Sailorwig

Fangs help you get all the girls. Piccolo

The first part of a girl to get wounded is her leg or hairbun, the first part of a guy is his side. Piccolo

If the author starts focusing on your character, reveals your past, developes your personality, you are going to die in the next ep. Piccolo.

Being dead isn't so bad, because you can still hang around with your pals. (see also, "What I learned from watching DBZ") Piccolo.

It takes a good guy an entire ep to die. No exceptions. Piccolo

Those cool fans aren't just for girls, they can also be used to start those really hard to light barbeques. Piccolo

Ancient Chinese books are the best kinds. Chiriko no Miko

You never know who your true friends are till they wish you back to their world. Chiriko no Miko

If you're in the library and a giant red bird appears behind you, don't let it out of your sight! Chiriko no Miko

Ilusional wounds hurt just as bad as real ones. An Oh My Goddess! Otaku

Blonds in Ancient China should never be trusted. Anon

"Two dimentional" men look much better than three dimentional ones.

When in trouble, become a super-deformed midgit and run!

When someone forgives you and announces their deep love for you, DON'T RUN OFF!!

Even the ruler of the world (ie Taiitsu-kun) has to put up with tons annoying, loud, little girls.

In Ancient China, everyone speaks Japanese, no da. ^_~* Washu-chan.

Go for the purple haired guys. Lady Crysiana.

Go for the red and blue (light and dark) and brown (light and dark) and black and gray and blond haired guys, too. Zoicite no Miko (ZnM)

If you're depressed, plates become the staple oh your diet. Lady Crysiana.

(For girls)If you get sucked into a book, act like a clumsy idiot and lots of bishonen will fall in love with you. ZnM and Lady Crysiana.

Said guys will all be heroic and tragic. Lady Crysiana.

Anyone can become a hero, even clumsy foodaholics. Lady Crysiana

Loyalty is an invaluble quality. If you are a loyal friend, you will never be without advocates and protectors. Lady Crysiana.

If you get stabbed in the back, don't lift heavy objects, even if you have superhuman strength. Brian Mercurio

Don't judge a book by it's cover, judge it by the cuteness of the guys inside! Annie

All the really cool characters wear capes. Annie

A good smirk can make up for a louse personality. ^.~* Annie

If an ally beats you with a whip, he shouldn't be considered an ally. Brian Mercurio

If you're sick and someone offers to help you, as long as you kill yourself, seek help elsewhere. Brian Mercurio

Even a nice, peace-loving, flute player can be quite dangerous. Brian Mercurio

It's not always easy for the good guys to win. Brian Mercurio.

The people who hide it best, are the ones who hurt the most.Susan Lee Gidley

Just because a person's evil, doesn't mean they're ugly. Susan Lee Gidley

Luck favors the ignorant (or at least the extremely naive) Susan Lee Gidley

In Ancient China, guys go for weak, unable to help themselves, girls. (Don't you wish you were there? ^.^) Ritz

In Ancient China, people wore a lot of layers of clothes, despite the heat! (DAMN! ^.~*) Ritz

Never declare your love for you miko, as you tend to die afterwards. Susan Lee Gidley

In Ancient China, it's easier to impress a girl. All you have to do is save her a few dozen times.(I mean you can't really do that nowadays, can you??) Python of Iax

When faced with staying in the book world with 7 impossibly cute guys head over heals for you, and going back to your world to take your high school exams...STAY IN THE BOOK WORLD! Mina S Fenderson

When your best friend tells you she hates your guts and gets one of her seishi to try to kill you, DON'T keep trying to go back to an enemy country alone to try and talk her out of it. Mina

It's possible to wear jewelry and still be manly (ask Tasuki and Chichiri ^_^). Stephie

The world is actually run by old women. Kristin

(for guys) It's OK to hate girls. And wear pink. ^_~* Kristin

(for girls) If you plan on having dangerous adventures in an alternate universe, wear something other than a short skirt. PLEASE. Kristin

(for anyone) If another person is willing to physically fling him/herself at ruffians, rapists, imperial guards, assassins, tigers, falling buildings, and supernatual barriers for your sake, take note. Kristin

Bad puns are lame in ANY language. Kristin

Virginity has it's advantages. Kristin

Never underestimate the power of a chicken. Kristin

Always use the buddy system. Kristin

If someone offers you the opportunity to collect a harem of excessively cute guys and obtain omnipotent power in the process, say YES! Kristin

Friends can appear in unexpected places. Kristin

(Wow! Not bad for someone who's only seen 12 eps, eh? ^_^)

Mikos can sometimes be stronger than their seishi...combined. Chichiri-chan

Mikos will likely bite the hand that feeds them...if the person the hand is attached to is lucky. Chichiri-chan

Too much facial makeup is a bad thing. >.< Cind-chan

Smiling masks can hide more than just a scar. Chichiri-chan

Even a dorky bucket hat can look good on the right person. Chichiri-chan

Don't worry about losing face...there's always a spare! Chichiri-chan

Evilness is determined by the size of your shoulder pads. Steve Ehlers

You can't judge a book by it's cover! Steve Ehlers

Reading can be fun and entertaining, as well as educational. Yay! Steve Ehlers

If you say "no da" at the end of every sentence, you'll sound really cute. Mina Sephy

Make your actions responsible ones or there will be victums because of you. (so sayth the monk) Cind-chan

Thanks to Tasuki we found out that red hair really is associated with fire. (bad pun @_@) Benjamin Hubble

Don't hate really old ladies even if they make wierd, evil versions of you--they could become your ally later. Mina Sephy

On the other hand, don't always trust the old lady because she could just be an image from a clam. Mina Sephy

Orders can't change people's minds. Jodi

If you're cheerful and optimistic, nothing bad ever really happens to you. (another case in point, Tendou Kasumi) Cind-chan

Death cannot stop true love. Only delay it for a little while. Thea (ChNuriko)

Power is the knowledge that there's always someone waiting for you to come home. Himura Kenshin (Kevin Eav)

You get further with swearing and a tessen, then you do with just swearing. Cind-chan

People in masks can be trusted.(for all you Princess Bride fans out there) Sarah Bennett

Even in a crisis, take time to eat anything you're offered. Thea (ChNuriko)

The character for "ogre" always has significant meaning. Himura Kenshin (Kevin Eav)

You can give up your manhood for love. Thea (ChNuriko)

You don't mess with the Emperor. Period. Priya Monrad

You can never have too many eye close-ups. Misty Haisfield

Loud and obnoxious is just a cover-up. Himura Kenshin (Kevin Eav)

Even one-eyes guys can be hot! Jellyn

If you're not sure someone is a man or a woman, a quick grope test will clear up any uncertainty. Thea (ChNuriko)

It's too much of a luxery to help the destitute(though you probably will anyways...) Sarah Bennett

The Primary Rule of Villains: If you don't see the body, they're not dead. And even then, you can't be too sure. ^_^ Priya Monrad

People are really cute when they super-deform. Cind-chan

When you really love a person, say his/her name constantly...even if no one is listening. Misty Haisfield

If you scream your true love's name loud enough, they will hear you no matter where they may be. Guy Godfrey

Even when you're alone...you're not. Himura Kenshin (Kevin Eav)

Love conquers everything. ^_^ Thea (ChNuriko)

Listen to the cat, it knows things. Jellyn

Women are cunning. (Tasuki: "I told ya, I hate women! They're cunning!") Priya Monrad

Sword beats fist. Boulder beats sword. Himura Kenshin (Kevin Eav)

If your best friend find an ancient Chinese novel, find a new best friend. Thea (ChNuriko)

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