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Welcome to my gallery. Most of the images here are ones I scanned myself(so if you borrow them, please give credit were it's due ,and upload them to your site, thanks!). There are exceptions. The cute SD image on my main page was sent to me by Stephie (Thanks Ste-chan!). The one on Chiri-chan's page, you already know about if you've been there. Any other's I have gotten from other people, will be indicated at the top of each page. If you have any comments or question about where I got my pics, please feel free to email me.

Warning! These pages may take a long time to download.

Wall 1.

Wall 2.

Wall 3 (Cute and Funny). NEW!

Disclaimer. Fushigi Yuugi is the property of Watase-sama, Bandai, Flower Comics, and others. No infringment was intended in the showing of these pics. Hey, I might even get people to buy the manga, ne? ^_^