Image of Mits and Tama This is Mitsukake (in case you haven't figured that out yet ^_^) He's really handsome, ne? Okay, okay. So he's not sigh-about, drool-over gorgeous like the first five seishi. Still, you have to admit, he's handsome. And kind. Hey, can you knock a guy who loves animals?? And I just love his voice! I can't help it! I just love that deep voice! His wonderul seiyuu is Ishii Kouji. But I can't find any info on him! *sniff* The only thing I have been able it find is that he also did the voice of Fugisawa-sensei on El Hazard. (Gomen, but I don't remember who told me ^_^;;) He was also Condor Joe on Gatchman. (Thanks Tama-chan!) Plus he was in "Nurse Angel Ririka" as Keto, and "The King of Fighters '97" as Ryuji Yamazaki. If you know where I can find info (in English, of course ^_~*) on him, TELL ME, o-negai shimasu. Now on with the info of the ever handsome, Mits-chan. Be warned. There are some mild spoilers for ep 16 below. They'll be beside the next picture.

Mits-chan's real name is Myou Juan, but he is also called Juan. He's 22 (*sigh* too young). His birthday is May 7th, making his a taurus. He stands 199cm, which I think means he's around 6'5" or something like that (I have no concept of the metric system). Lets just say he's really tall. His blood type is "O", meaning that he's a workaholic, insecure, and emotional.
He was the 6th seishi to appear, showing up in ep 15. His character is "shin" meaning "sadness", (but I've also seen the kanji translated at "rare cart") located on his left palm. With it, he is able to heal people and exorcise demons. But his power is limited, as he can only use it once a day. He grows plants, and loves animals, especially Tama, his cute little cat.(seen above)

Manga image of Mits and Miaka Warning! The rest of this is a spoiler for ep 16. The group first came across Mits-chan when Miaka came down with an illness that was plaguing the village they entered. They heard that a man named Myou Juan could cure people. When they found him, they saw that he was a old man with a beard and long hair. He was dressed in dirty and torn clothes and looked rather grungy himself. He refused to help them, even when they all, literally, got down on their knees and begged.
They mentioned that the only way to save Miaka, was to kill her then have Shoka bring her back to life. At the mention of the woman's name, the old man told them that Shouka died a year ago of the same illness that Miaka had. It turned out that Shouka was really a demon, who turned the dead into zombies. The others fearing for Miaka's life hurried back to her. Tasuki and Nuriko were fighting against some zombies, when a stranger appeared and helped them.
Manga image of Mits and Shouka The stranger turned out to be Myou Juan, cleaned up, shaved, and hair cut. This came as a great surprise to the group, as Tasuki put it, "the old guy is WAY young!" Plus, Juan and Shouka were in love with each other. When she was ill, he was called away to another town. Though she waited for him, she died just before he returned. Just before she died, a demon entered her body. The only way for him to get rid of the demon, was to kill her.
Taking the bandage off his left hand, he killed her with his power. Needless to say, he was very upset by all of this. (well wouldn't you be, if you had to kill the one you loved?) After she died, he healed Miaka, who was estatic to have found the 6th seishi.

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