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Last Update : Nov 8, 1997

Hi, My name is Lee, Ching Sun. This website is dedicated to phonecards, if you come here for phonecards, you are at the right place.

This is a plain, simple phonecard website. I decided not to load these pages with images as this is taking a lot of loading time and thus hope this would provide you faster access. Alternatively, I do provide clickable links to images of Malaysian Phonecards that I have for swap.

I started collecting phonecards in 1995, and I collect all cards that I don't have (this could be costly !). I like cards with CARTOON, beautiful picture showing local identity, beautiful scenery. Though, I am quite flexible on themes of cards as long as they are PICTORIAL. I am a very active in swapping phonecards over the internet. Please check out my Swap Record. At this moment, I am swapping cards at a rate of about 50 cards per week over the internet. Internet is my only channel to get in touch with collectors because there is no local phonecard club or swap meet. My main trading materials are Malaysian cards , most Malaysian cards carry a swap rate of 1:1. I do have some foreign duplicates. If you would like foreign cards, please let me know.

I constantly looking for collectors to swap phonecards. Only honest, serious collectors, please. Before engaging in any swap, please kindly check out the Red Zone. For collectors that I asked to send cards first, please don't worry. I will send my cards upon receiving yours as I promised. All my cards will be sent via registered mail.

I am selling Malaysian phonecards to finance my phonecard hobby. Common card, complete set, special themes, remote memory cards are offered at competitive price. Please let me know your wants.

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