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This site is pretty old and I haven't STILL decided what to do with it.  I originally wanted to be stuff for Datsun Z's  or Playstation games; or just stuff for my family and friends.  Check out the buttons below and tell what you guys think!  Thanks!


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Alain & Jen's Wedding!

Marko's Baptism !

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  here is a picture of Bruce Lee:


This use to be Nissan's Z Tribute page, but it now its just Nissan USA's  web site.

This is a great site that feature much information about a fantastic dancing game for PSX, Bust A Move. Which should come to North America and be renamed Bust A Groove.  *all the images from BAM were taken from the site

      Email me at phillips.z@juno.com in the meantime. Please come back soon and visit me.


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