Konnichiwa, minna!! I am Kourin (no, I'm sorry, not the real one! Although I wish!!) and this here is Nuriko-niichan! And no, we didn't get around to updating this page yet. (last updated: October 20, 1998 Sorry folks, but Nuriko-niichan wanted his/her email off this page because he/she kept getting lots of mail to edit or do something to this page, which Nuriko-niichan CAN'T DO from his/her computer as I, KOURIN, am the HTMLer for this page. (didn't I make that clear when I said that I did most of the work here, Nuriko is just the co-owner?) So please, email me, Kourin (kaoru-k@usa.net) for any concerns. Sorry for no updates, but we're busy with school. :( *they wait for applause* ^.^ (well, actually I, Kourin, did most of the work here *Kourin smiles*)

Anyway, this is our wonderful little FushigiYuugi homepage! We promise, we'll try to update more often even though we're now in highschool! Really! You don't believe us? *sniff* (the links that aren't linked are not linked for a reason: they'll be up with the next update. Sorry folks, but Nuriko has to prepare the Episode and Manga overviews/translations first...)


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