Eek! It's a mess!

Gundam Wing

That's about the only thing that's really organized at the moment ^^; Don't say I didn't warn you. Lots of the lower links are really old although the Villgust one still works I believe.

Kane, Canal and Milly from Lost Universe ^_^

Links to other sites on the Web

Sailor P's place!!
Hamelin no Violin Hi Ki Mini-site

Tlalocelotl's Den
SD Gundam Wing!!! ^^

Star of Amalthea

Grandia [Still in the works]

Mahou Gakuen Lunar! [Also still in the works]

Visit the Land of Garam

Leaving so soon? Aw; well, at least send e-mail! I love getting e-mail! Who doesn't?! Well, okay, I'll stop. Hee hee. =D Jaa-ne!

1997 All characters in MS are created by myself and my cousins, so if you think you're going to rip 'em off think again! Of course- you shouldn't be stealing them in the first place, if you ask nicely maybe I'll make one up for ya if you're that desparate. ^^Letters 2 Ebi

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