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Welcome to my Yu*Yu*Hakusho page!

Hi, I'm Zeorymer. You can call me Zeo if you like.
I'm from Brazil, and lately we've had here a lot of Animes on TV: Saint Seya, Sailor Moon, Shurato, a few from US Manga Corps - Hades Project: Zeorymer, Genocyber, Gal Force, MD Geist, Detonator Orgun..., and of course Yu*Yu*Hakusho! For the people from Brazil, I have a special page with local information!

Yu*Yu*Hakusho is my favorite Anime, and I'll start with the standard stuff: introduction to the story, characters profiles, image gallery, fan fictions and links to other Yu*Yu*Hakusho pages. But I intend to do constant improvements to bring you people the best of Yu*Yu*Hakusho!

Yu*Yu*Hakusho is copyrighted to its author, Yoshihiro Togashi, to Shonen Jump, Studio Pierrot, and probably to many others, including TV broadcasters, toy companies, video distributors ... that I have no account of. The material here published is not intended to be against theese rights, and it's here for free with the sole purpose of amusing the fans.

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