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For those of you who want to know what is all the fuss with Ranma.

Special Techniques

Ranma Saotome Special Techniques:

Ranma Saotome

Kachu Tenshin Amaguriken: "Chestnut on an open fire technique": Cologne taught Ranma this technique. This technique consist in moving ones hand very very fast.

Neko-ken:"Cat style attack or Cat-fu technique": When Ranma was 6, Genma repeatedly threw him into a pit of cats covered with sausages, because he fell for a trick in a training book. That had the effect of making Ranma terrified of seeing cats, and if exposed for too long, he starts acting like a cat, and attacks with incredible speed and ferocity. The only way to return him to normal is throwing him into water, or getting him to sit on an old lady's lap.

ShishiHoukudan:"lion roar shot" You can project your "Ki"(Energy aura or battle aura)with this technique. Ranma learns this technique while fighting with Ryoga.

Moko takabisha: Another type of "Ki" that Ranma discovered to Counter Ryoga's ShishiHoukudan.

Hiryu Shouten Ha: "Flying dragon ascend to heaven strike or Heaven blast of the Dragon" Technique that Cologne taught Ranma to help him beat happosai, who had disabled Ranma's streght.This technique consist in drawing your opponent to the center of a circle, making your opponent hotter and hotter while keeping yourself cool, then releasing your cool punch at the center so that the temperature differences generates a whirlwind. Ranma's special move.

Ryoga Hibiki Special Techniques:

The all Mighty Ryoga Hibiki

Barakutsai Tenketsu:"Breaking Point Technique": this technique enables Ryoga to shatter rocks and other objects with the touch of a finger. Cologne taught it to Ryoga. It does not work on Humans.

ShishiHoukudan: "Lion roar shot" This technique was founded by a civil engineer who used for escavating. This technique consist in projecting a person "Ki" to someone. This if Ryoga's most powerful move.

I know these are not special techniques, but what the hell(I like Ryoga)

Bandana throw: When Ryoga uses the bandanas, he has in his forehead as shurinken(he never runs out of bandanas).

Umbrella throw: When Ryoga uses his umbrella to attack.

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