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      Last logged: 2006-10-7 (Sat)
      I've been on an almost 5-year long hiatus from doing the himawari page. I haven't even been checking my mails for a while (an understatement--- count that, almost 5 years of non-activity! ^_^;) and yet, I was surprised to find some email from people who had stumbled across my modest creation and have continued to show support, telling me how they liked my page and found the information I shared useful. ホントにありがとうございます!
      as for the lyrics and translation requests as well as asking for help on information about titles of songs, etc... well, since some of the requests were asked months and even years(!!!) ago, I don't know if replying now will still serve any purpose but if any of you read this message now and email me again with your request, I hope I can do something about it in the coming days. (but honestly, I can't promise about the translation requests though (>_<) my apologies!)
      I am still trying to get settled in my new place here in Japan but it is great to be back.
      well, the encouraging messages for me to continue my site has boosted me and I hope I can start updating things. I might take a new approach, though and instead of aiming to provide the latest in J-pop, I am thinking of just focusing on the stuff from the "good old days," i.e. songs from the 70s until about early 2000. I hope I don't disappoint you with this decision. as I've mentioned before, the ローマ字 (roomaji) song lyrics are the best I can offer. I will do my best to continue to deliver a variety of songs (with some of the harder-to-find songs) that I can share with other J-pop enthusiasts like me.
      それでわ, till the next log...

      Still more to come...楽しみにお待ちください!

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