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Updated 2/23/05

Ok, so it's not really updated...but you can find me on in channel #80s-cartoons and a zillion others. and If you need an irc script, download it from or

Updated 5/8/01

Wohoo! Last day of finals and college :) Graduate on in a week and a half...get to count some horseshoe crabs hehe... Anyways, like a year after I finished my internship - I am finally deciding to put up the pictures from the summer. Wetlands Institute Summer Internship 2000

Oh, I also added some pictures to my sleeping page...........ZZZzzzz


FINALLY...the reason I've been taking so many pictures of people sleeping......ZZZzzzz

Here is the last set of pictures from vermont. Most are the remaining pics of people playing beer pong....if you aren't in this set, try the other zip files. I think I have one of everyone...well who played beer pong KB)

This is also a really cool picture.....MOO! Dr. Seuss is awesome :)

And for anyone who is intersted, you can download my uh very few Disney pics from spring break...but the real treat is Emily Sleeping...hehe. She didn't go to Disney but the picture kinda got thrown in with that zip file accidentally and I was too lazy to change

Cruise Shore Excursions for May 2001 Cruise

My countdown page with various counters showing how many days till various trips or until graduation.

Web page with lots of countdowns

My graduation picture, 1997
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