This house was last cleaned on December 20, 1999 and was renovated on May 30, 1998.


You are standing in a little hallway. The moonlight comes in through the skylight and through the many windows. There is a little table against the wall in front of you, with a picture hanging over it. The rest of the hall is taken up by three doors and the magnificent view of the snowy tundra that you see when you look outside.

On the table here is your Christmas Present! It was originally shared by KamiSaint.

The picture above the table

A Tour of the Grounds

In a perfect world, you are number to pass through this hallway, but unfortunately the world's not perfect.

The BookYou see a leather-bound book on the table before you. You can either sign your name, or read the other signatures.


If you want to learn more about Aino Minako, the girl known as Sailor Venus, this drawer contains a short profile on her.

The Gallery

Here is the door to the Gallery wing. You can enter and see many of the Sailor Venus pictures I've collected, as well as pictures of Luna and Artemis. There are also pictures of the Sailor Senshi as a group, in a small wing off the main gallery.

The Study

Ah, the door to the study. It is a place to read fanfiction and learn about anime.

Moonlight Rainstorm

Right next door is a larger building, a mansion called Moonlight Rainstorm, where you will have the opportunity to meet my good friend KamiSaint. He loves Sailor Pluto (and his fiancée) very much.

Other Sites

It is a lovely night for a walk. The air is crisp but not too cold. You can walk outside and see some of the other sites that surround this one. Here you will find the addresses of some of those that I think are worthwhile.


Simply dropping a letter in this box guarantees I will recieve it. It doesn't guarantee anything else, though.

Hanging on the wall between the Gallery and the study you see a big piece of paper. It is hanging in a heavy gold frame and printed on high quality paper. This is the first award I've ever gotten and I'm very excited!

An award from beckie47!

The music is "Route Venus," Sailor Venus's Japanese theme. This MIDI file was given to me by KamiSaint.

There are many other sites out there. If you wish, you can run a search on Sailor Search. It's easy, just put a word in the box and it spits out a list.

Advanced Search

A proud supporter of the Lunar Inquisition, supporting purity in anime and a end to misinformation.

Pit of the Lunar Inquisition

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The Venus Love Chain.

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This is the house that GeoCities built. You can get one just like it.

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