Last updated MaY 29, 2001 happened to my page? dammit tripod better be down o wells..i have everything backed up muahahahahahah..stupid geocities its fuked up i cant upload anything!@$! argh and no i wont update this POS page anymore cuz its trash and i am lazy..i need a job...dammit ooo anyone up for funktion?? booyah May 10 YES i am updating for the first time in almost a new pictures..puahahahah hrmm..i am in need of a job anyone hiring???? dammit i need a man..woohoo atleast im not takign school this summer BOOYAH! who wants to go clubbing u foools...faggot sellouts..go clubbing dammit!! hurting like crap >< April 16 I forgot to put down happy bday to my baby cousin who is 2..and yes..her name is really CHANSEY..i named her that =P AND OOOO YEAH MY STOMACH FREAKING HURTS LIKE CRAP..OO MAN WAT DID I EAT??? OOOOOO >< FUK IM IN SOMUCH PAIN..fuk...y..Y ME?? ugh..right before a final too..hope it dun happen during the final..oo hurts..STOP THE PAIN!!! April 11 Woohoo i got music back on my page..haha thats y it takes so long to load now..sorry for all you dialup people..suckers AHHAHA woohoo..the rebirth of johnny..MAY baby..oo yeah jon..i need my gloves back yo..muahahah 2 tommorow and one on tuesday..BOOYAH time to rock a$$ April 1, 2001 FUK NOW I AM PISSED I FORGOT TO APPLY TO UBC FUKKKK DIEW SHIT I AM FUKED PISS ME OFF SHIT FUK!@$! ARGHHHH DIEW now i guess i`ll be going back to sfu for sure...DIEW fuk..its almost 4am..damn daylights saving..i am pissed off now stupid ungrateful people are pissing me you will regret it when i am not there for you as you were not there for names fukn SHIT and i updated all my shouts...but fukn thing too lazy to do it over again..SHIET I AM PISSED FUK March 22 hrmmm wat do i feel like today i`ve got to do a damn poli paper due on monday...2500 words..i have about 100 words so far..yeah..and then i got a project due on tuesday worth 40% and then yeah...too much stuff at one time..and i didnt eat appetite to eat ooooo yeah woke up at 7 today too! sorry March 7 sick now..diew the month of march can suck more midterms..only finals lefted..argh so sunny and imstuck at home..reminds me of the days when i was at sfu... =( ahhhhh gonna change songs but too lazy now HALT ANYBODY REMEMBER THIS SHOW?? POLICE CADET 84..well..i assume some hongers and cantonese people will know wat this show is about..its da shiet..its so damn good im watching it now muahhaha Heres a pic outside artona..Nov! (me, Elliott,Rubens) Okay new image hot! Height: 5`9 Weight: 160 Likes: Anything fun, funny people, Fast Jap cars, RWD cars =P, music..and especially eating =P KATSUDON!! Dislikes: K0CKYpeople, crappy cars, rock music, people that think that they are all that and aren`t, people who are late, people who ignore others What i listen to: ANything by BabyV.O.X., S.E.S., As One, Finkl, ahah into kpop now and M-Flo...if you haven`t heard of these guys u suck! they`re the best jap group out there!d/l theirsongs Farouvite Colour: any shade of Blue, Championship White, Phoenix Yellow Favourite Car: Integra Type R, Skyline GTR, Prelude, NSX, S15 Silvia K, s2000, Lancer EVO VI, Subaru Impreza WRX STI 22B Hangouts: Richmond whereelse??? OOO a new pic much overdue grad pic..2 years overdue oo...look at my bangs..oo i look like such a little kid *sniff sniff* the good ol days WHISTLER PICTURES~! for more go to THIS page many of us..looks like one big orgy..hehe..look at wat we didto the hotel room HAHAHAHA its me, Nuaty-s, 1_long_schlong, azn_sweet_hunny,dance_floor_pro, claude, and dx_316 getting drunk ahha its all of us..booyah i got buzzed after one cooler..=/ (Ytwoj, me, kci, dance_floor_pro) August 1999 Another pic taken at Bubbleworld after spring dance uhm april 1999 Remmy, Bernie,Rubens, Me, Tina) me and my godsis baybee_angel16 pic of me and dance_floor_pro sleeping while on ourcamping trip aw doesn`t he look comfortable??? Shoutouts to friends Kci- okay mr bling bling..u gave everyone a cold and crap..and stop denying it is u..ahhah good thing i didnt get it or else i would be piseed...hehe u missed out on cvc was whens the next time u gonna mack...u could have had 4 dates..uh i meant 4 rides hahahahahah Dance_Floor_pro- mr i am stronger then u..i dont think so..we`ll see eh? wait till i get a job and work out the mean time u and rubens can scrap it out for the weakest =P HAHAHAHAHAHAH Baybee_angel16-i need some more tangerine hair dye..but i cant dye my hair yet..not until i get a job!! NOW HOOK ME UP!! ahhah well i am glad to see u and ur boy back together..cuz it would be a tragedy Babee_meshell - hey now u remember wat happens if u forget to say hi to me righT? be a good girl and concentrate in school or i will come and scare u =P Qtdingdong - man stop sending me retarded msgs..and uh..where are u now??? i haven`t heard from u in a while...u get a new boy yet? B2C- we`ve got a traitor amongst our ranks..fuk u rubens!!! its and ell can clean u guys up...bring it on! full B2C rules in effect YtwoJ- oo yeah man thanx for lending me ur people will fear me in marvel >=( hahahha so go take that job at langley farm market puahahhaha u seemed so proud at first..muahhaha now go get me some guest passes to sports central dammit!! ellnino- hHAHA its about time i got a ride in ur car..sheesh it lost the new car smell too >=( hahah b2c has returned..u completely dominated that game..u hit "vtec" and it was all over!@$$!@ get me a job ell...cmon u are my reference stop competing with me! voodoochild- stupid voodoo..y u hafta leave us again for the summer...well u know wat i want when u come back righT??? heheheh well get a job..and DUN SPEND all ur money like last time!! u FOOL and answer me on icq u fag.. Tai_myth- stop being a thug man.. Krevice- I HATE YOUR CAR RULES Twobit- how much u want for fogs again yO??? hahahahah dun worry i wont tell anyone about u and ur fantasies with vince.."tail gunner" HAHAHAHAHA Starlite_17- hey..u know wat to get me in HK right???? hehehe i expect good stuff? and if u need any help in choosing it for me i will give u a list of names =P Aznq-teedimples- hahahah the return of crying karen..hehehe next time dun drink that much okay??? its pretty pathetic to see u like that.. Lil_earth_angel- hey man next time invite me when u girls go talk!! haha i want to come and laugh HAHAHAH Spice-c- okay jenny..hook me up with the kinkos job..i need it i want it! i need new contacts toO HAHAHAHAHAHAH now hook me up!!! and ur brother is a skinny, whiney pos..reminds me of someone we know..HRMMM Spiceybabe- hey mindu..u are going to be turning 18 soon eh? be a good girl...remember wat i taught u? follow that and u will be as smart as me..hehe =P be a good girl and u will see ur wang ja on ur bday okay? KuRuptcHik_604- MILF I didnt get my cookies yet...u said u would have them ready!! where are my cookies i am starving now..i am craving for cookies >< aw man..heheh 2 courses again out harsh course overload =P hehe u want my notes for 102??? they`re pretty messy..but..atleast they`re notes..i dunno if u want it..i skipped alot heheheehe anyways i will meet up with u soon for my cookies u puNK!! the one on the left is dance_floor_pro..and i am on the right..thats right..hes my biotch when it comes to cars Also props to: 128_AznQT, 604-aZn-AnGeL, Asia777, AzIaN_MiSSy,AzNdoLL_Babee, AzN_SwEet_HunNy, FloWer_PriNceSs, FuZzySNuGGLeS, hk_supa_star, KuteKoreanGaL, myomi, NuAty-S, TeKNo-SWeeT-E, wawachen, 1_Long_Schlong, AzN_PlaYbOi_69, Claude, Dark_shinobi, DRAGON-TYPE-R, Dx_316, Fox1096,twobit and everybody else i talk to. 1