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This page is designed to be the what so called the "Information Super Highways" to help you easily navigate your way around and find information on the Laotian communities and members of the Theravada Buddhism faith in this great state of Rhode Island and the New England Region.  The WatLao Buddhovat (Buddhists Temple) served as the community center in religion, education, socio-cultural, and social welfare.  Specifically, it served as a place to interact youth, to be worship to Buddha teaching, to expose and educate the Laotian Community and all Buddhists to the teaching of Buddha, to practice generosity, morality and meditation, to cultivate and preserve the customes of the Laotian Arts and Culture, to create a programs intend to foster the development of good moral character, and to collect and disseminate information about Buddhism and Buddhist Culture.  Check out the Results of the Lao Stars Challenge Cup 99" over this past Labor Day Weekend.  The tournament was a great success with over 26 teams participated.
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There is an other Watlao Buddhvath website that provide more up to date information on on-going activities at the Wat. Please check it out. The site is really great and updated frequently. This site will provide you up to date information about Watlao Buddhovath.


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