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Alrighty guys, this is a page I dedicated to you. You can post your art, or poetry here as long as you follow a few conditions. Your work can be based on anything you like as long as it 1. has to do with Sailor Moon 2. is something you could show your mom, and 3. isn't really big, I dont have a ton of space here so resizing pictures for me so that they aren't incredibly huge would be appreciated. Just send me your work through email and I'll get it up here as soon as possible. Please don't take any of these pictures without the artists permission, thank you.^_^
*Please Read* Once every blue moon, I recieve an absolutly breathtaking picture from an artist who asks me to place their artwork on my page, only the picture is somewhat "suggestive," however I wouldn't go anywhere near to calling it pornographic. In my view, these pictures where created as an object of beauty, not lust, however, I understand that sometimes parents surfing with small children may have a problem with them, and so for you, I'm rating those pictures as "S," (for "suggestive") so that you know which ones to avoid ^_^ Alrighty, thanks for reading ^_^

~*The Poetry Page*~

Gina Magilo

Princess Serenity
Sailor ChibiMoon

Cesar Marquez
(speaks spanish)

Usagi hugging Chibi Usa
Close up of Mercury
Nine of the Senshi
Haruka in her uniform
Mamoru kissing Usagi :)


Super Sailor Moon
A bust of Sailor Moon-new
Sailor Jupiters attack-new

Autumn Kirsch

Rei in her sacred flame
Usagi in the bathtub-S
The edited version of the above

Valerie from Montreal ;)

A portrait of Usagi -S


Saturn with her Silence Glaive
Portrait of Jupiter

Jennifer Kirkland

Rei in her bridal gown
Michiru in a nice pose
A picture of Usagi crying
Another sad picture of Usagi
A picture of Luna looking in a mirror
Haruka in casual clothing
Rei in a gown holding a sword
Sailor Galaxia in an evening gown


Saturn holding flowers

Nicole Salamone

Sailor Mars' fire attack
Sailor Venus w/her chain


Serenity sleeping on the Moon
Endymion and Serenity Kissing
Haruka and Michiru in their school uniforms

Natasha Donahue

Sailor Moon in her famous pose
Super Sailor Venus Posing

Judith Stewart

The original five Senshi

Nambroth Gryphon

Neo Queen Serenity
Black Lady and Serenity


Minako looking over her shoulder

Siti Nurul

Chibi Usa, Diana and Luna P
Minako and Artemis
Neo Queen Serenity and Small Lady
Uranus and Neptune
Four Inner Senshi
Small Lady all grown up
Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon
Sailor Chibi Moon surrounded by hearts
Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Saturn
Super Sailor Venus
A closeup of Kino Makoto

Ellis Komori

Sailor Chibi Moon
Sailor Aurora (orig. char.)
Sailor Eden (orig. char.)
Sailor Chronos (orig. char.)

Darcy Klooster

Orig Char Ruby steals Sailor Moons Fuku
Usagi hugging Luna

Ashley Kijewski

A close up of Serenity
A picture of Sailor Pluto


Hotaru wearing casuals
Chibi Usa and Hotaru looking happy
Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon standing together
A close up of Haruka
A close up of Makoto with her symbol
A close up of Super Sailor Moon
A nice close up of Elios
A bust of Elios
Princess Serenity crying
Hikaru wearing a mask, holding one of the cats
Usagi running while looking back
Sailor Moon blushing and holding her locket

Paul M

A picture of Sailor Moon looking scared
The colored version of the above

Kate aka Firefly

Close up of Mercury
Close up of Mamoru
A picture of Erin, aka Sailor Sun (orig. char.)

Beth Yount

Princess Usagi in front of cherry blossoms
A portrait of Sailor Mars

Tommy Darling

A cute picture of Chibi Chibi


An embossed picture of Sailor Moon
Usagi hugging Chibi Usa


A side shot of Mamoru

Nora Leo

Sailor Leo (orig. char.)
Sailor Neptune
The inner senshi with their hair the color of their aura's
Sailor Mars and Venus
Sailor Earth (orig. char.)
Busts of the four inner Senshi-new
Beautiful image of Rei-new
Usagi with her hair down-new


'Forgotten'-collage of sm pictures


Usagi and Luna
ChibiChibi looking back
Super Sailor Moon

Carrie Cook-new

Picture of a handmade Usagi

Jennifer Shields-new

Serenity hugging her phantom man ;)
Sailor Moon w/Luna on her shoulder

Makoto Kino-new

Eternal Sailor Saturn


Sailor Neptune

Colletta Doran-new

Serenity and her crystal

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