Tan Han's Gallery

Tan Han and Luu Tuyet Hoa starred in many taiwanese series together during the 80's. I love it when they starred as lovers in a series. My most favorite series would be Xom Vang; this was the series where Tan Han was blind and Luu Tuyet Hoa was a school teacher. I highly recommened this series, but I must warn you, be prepared and have at least two boxes of tissues handy.


Tan Han has retired from acting, i heard that he is residing in Fullerton, CA

Tuyet Hoa is still acting, she divorced Luu Duc Khai (Lau Tak Kai), another taiwanese actor, about two years ago, right after her miscarriage.

Tan Han and Tuyet Hoa used to do series that were based on the famous novelist, Quynh Dao (Qiong Yao). Quynh Dao happen to write the lyrics to these series that were based on her novels. She is currently residing in San Jose.