Deep Dance 21

Track 1: Deep21 - The Return Of Orca 31:10


M.C. Sar/Another Night
Back to Back/Say Yes
Power People/Kiss The Beat
Melodie MC/I Wanna Dance
49ers/Keep You Love
Urban Cookie Collective/FeelsLike Heaven
D.J.BoBo/Take Control
Prince Ital Joe/Marky Mark/Happy People
EXP/Save Me
Simone Angel/Let This Feeling
Jesse Lee Davis/Round And Round
Maxx/Get Away
Loft/Hold On
Double You/Part Time Lover
Dr. DJ Cerla/Rotterdam '93
Hot Chocolate/Cry Little Girl
Captain Hollywood/Impossible
Time Frequency/Real Love
Sheeva/Feel Good
Cappella/U Got 2 Let The Music
D.J. Miko/What's Up
Eupohrio/Teach Me How To Love
General Base/Poison

Track 2: Rocking To The Rhythm Medley 19:09

Robin S/Luv 4 Luv
Lonnie Gordon/Happenin' All Over Again 93
John Secada/I'm Free
Phil Kelsey/This Is The Way
Kim Wilde/In My Life
M. People/Moving On Up

Track 3: Techno Medley 26:05

Drax Ltd. 1/Section 2
Genloy/It Feels So Good
Loopzone/Mega Mix
RMB Trax/We Just Need More
Force Mass Motion/Chemical Warfare
De Gabbers/Rubbish
Ilsa Gold/Up
Norman/The Big Deal
Hocus Pocus/La Boum

Total Time: 76:24