Deep Dance 24

Track 1: Deep Dance Take 24 - Time 34:55

Hit The Floor/Energizer
Essono/I Can't Understand
Stanley Foort/Heaven Is Here
Tf 99/Everybody Love
Eartha Kitt/Where Is My Man 94
Chimo Bayo/La Tia Enriqueta
Natasha Wright/Party Of One
Rob 'N' Raz/In Command
Boomshakers/Boom- Shake The Room
Major T/Keep The Frequency Clear
M.C. Sar/Automatic Lover
Savage/Don't Cry Tonight 94
K.Da Cruez/New High Energy
Ens Feat..DJ Dean/Lay Your Heart On Me
Double You/Run To Me
24/7/Take Me Away
Go Brooklyn/Passion 94
Masterboy/Got To Give It Up
Melodie MC/Free
Many More/Dream On
Dr..Alban/Look Who's Talking
2 Unlimited/Let The Beat Control Your Body
Kim Sanders/Tell Me That You Want Me
Cappella/Move On Baby
Many More/Dream On
Activate/Let The Rhythm Take Control
C.B.Milton/It's A Loving Thing
Odyssey/Riding On A Train
Face To Face/I Want You

Track 2: Melodie MC Minimix - Time: 12:22

Dum Da Dum
Feel Your Body Movin
I Wanna Dance
Take Me Away

Track 3: Culture Beat Minimix - Time: 13:26

No Deeper Meaning
I Like You
Der Erdbeermund
Got To Get It
The Other Side Of Me
Mr. Vain

Total Time: 60:51