Deep Dance 27

Track 1 - Time: 00:42

Intro (Milka Intro)


Track 2: Deep Magic Dance 27 - Time:32:14

Reel 2 Real/Go On Move '94
M.C. Sar And The Real Mc Coy/Runaway
Amadin/You Make Me Feel Alright
Fun Fun/I'm Needin' You
Playahitty/The Summer Is Magic
Venus And Marc/Summertime
Jam And Spoon/Find Me
Promo/Secret Fire
Orlando/Wasting Water
TNN/La Cucamarcha
Sirius/This Is My Life
Second Nature/Crazy World
Einstein Dr. DJ/Automatic Sex
Magic Affair/In The Middle Of The Night
E-Rotic/Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex
K2/Der Berg Ruft
Housecream/Lonely Mind
The Grid/Swamp Thing
Two Sheriffs/The Cowboy Remix
Masterboy/Feel The Heat Of The Night
24/7/Leave Them Alone
K.Da 'Cruz/Take Me To The Stars
Activate/The Beat Of The Drum
Mo. Do/Eins Zwei Polizei
IQ-Check/Gotta Get It Groovin'
Pharao/I Show You Secrets


Track 3: Pump This Groove Vol.1 - Time: 16:04

Whigfield/Saturday Night
Black Box/Ride On Time
Mad Angels/We Can Make It Allright
Usura/Drive Me Crazy
Whigfield/Another Day
Frankie Goes To Hollywood/Two Tribes
Two Cowboys/Everybody Gonfi-Gon

Track 4 - Time: 26:08

Deep Dance 8 1/2/Hit Mix 1990
Part 4/The Best Of The Rest


Total Time: 75:10