Deep Dance 35


Mixed in 06.95 - Released on CD 06.95

Cut'N'Move - I'm Alive
J.K. - You And I
Sin With Sebastian - Shut Up And Sleep With Me
Devotion - Fadin' Away
Copernico - I Belive
Garfield - Cool Cat
Haddaway - Fly Away
Technocop - The Miracle Of Life
Masterboy - Generation Of Love
A. Kay B.J. - Why?
Basic Element - The Ride
Skywalker - Little Jesus
Mr. President - Four On The Floor
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Fly
Double You - Dancing With An Angel
K. Da 'Cruz - Love Is Lifting Me Higher
Mo-Do - Gema Tanzen
3-O-Matic - Hand In Hand
Odyssey - Face To Face
Colour Of Music - Guardian Of Angel
Powersound - Freedom Forever
Jam And Spoon - Angel (Ladadi-O-Heyo)
Hardsequencer - The Sound Transformation
Dance 2 Trance - I Have A Dream
Paul Elstak - Life Is Like A Dance
Wave Kid - Baby, I Need Your Loving
Marc Oh - Droste, Horst Du Mich
Imperio - Nostra Culpa
DJ Ebo - Mind Of Delirium
Farmhouse - Old Bill's Song

Italo Dance 2

Einstein Doctor Deejay - Cosmic Radio Station
Blue Heart - Singin' I'm Happy
Black 4 White - Cannibal
Laguna - Crazy Night
Ciccone - Electro Woman
Indiana Day - All I Need Is Love
Orion - Dreamlover
Mimosa - It's So Cool

Deep Hauschen 2

M-People - Open Up Your Heart
Love Station - Love Come Rescue Me
Keith Mac Project - Now Is The Time
Alex Party - Don't Give Me Your Love
Clock - Axel F.