Jasonred's (currently skimpy) Collection of Fanfics

Well, I sorta discontinued the rest of my web-site years ago, so I'm going to turn it into the base of operations for my soon-to-be personal fanfic archive. With all the fanfics written by ME, using characters from various series which I own ABSOLUTELY no rights to, but rely on the grace of their owners not to sue me.

Anyhow, hope you enjoy reading this stuff as much as I enjoyed writing it! Send feedback and flames to jasonred at hotmail dot com

Warning! Stories marked with a are, well... LEMONS. That means that they contain scenes of a graphic nature and are not really meant for those who do not wish to read about gratious sex.

Counter have browsed through my various ramblings.

Once again, flames and all responses, requests for continuations, etc, go to jasonred at hotmail dot com

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