No! please don't rushing me...

Hi! Pal. Since I quiet for long time and
I decied to take some of my original work available again Now this turn I'd like to be a storyteller and First, I shall tell you about the precursor, One of my fetish clan.
This story's set in mid-age period of Jipanku. (sure,..fiction.) (^_^)

Enjoy, Shiromaru.

IIf you like it, keep your eyes open.
.Go To the closet! .
Sample, rough sketch for this untitle story.
Ready to launch the 1st. part on March'17. My Birthday.
Hey guy! did you have skill?

This project need help!

1. Translation ...I can't do this alone. Need someone who understood Thai or English well... please, help me check, proof and improve English translation ,in case you should sure that you are gay or can accept in gay material. Mail me anyway. Thanks.

2. Need more time to draw background.

3. Keep me save form harm....

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