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Hi I'm Ruby, I finally convinced Akane to let me have a page! This page is all about Anime WinAmp Skins. Never heard of them, then go here and they will explain all about it. Your skin doesn't have to be about anime, it can also be about a manga (comic) you like or an rpg! Also other than posting them I will be rating them, but don't get mad at me if you don't like the score, you could always e-mail me and explain why you don't like it and why I should give you a better one. The rateing system is as follows:

 Perfect, I loved every bit of it!
    Excellent, I have it myself
        Pretty good, not bad at all
           Good, try alittle better next time
               Umm, no comment ^^;

To enter a skin fill out the form here and I will post it next time I update the page. Please do not e-mail me asking me how to make skins, the site where you get winamp explains it all. Right now all I have are my skins and I'm the only one that rated them well except to and I would like more people to rate them and I don't want to go and take skins off another page and get e-mail from someone saying I didn't get their permission and get in trouble so if you want it up, please fill out the form, k ^_^ Well I think that covers everything, any comments, questions, suggestions, you can e-mail me here. On with the skins! ^_^ Oh! One more thing! There's a new 'code' I'm added, nothing to complicated. Since there's a bunch of new stuff to skin on the um, skins ^^; I'm addeding if she has it skinned or not. For instance mb = minibrowser, get it? well, here's the list! Mb = minibrowser, pl = playlist, eq = equalizer, avs = Advanced Visualization Studio. Also if you are going to use some of my skins on your page, PLEASE give Akane some credit and link it back to this page or add our new banner to your page. Thanks!

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p.s. If you don't like that banner there are 3 other ones, this one, this one and this one.

Total skins = 61

Anime Series (18 skins, 12 series)
Misc Anime (13 skins)
RPG Series (8 skins)
Games (5 skins)
Manga Series (7 skins, 2 series)
Misc Non-Anime (2 skins)
Plug-in's (3 plug-ins)

Newest Skins

Name of Skin: Do you believe in Fairies? v2.0
Skinned: eq - pl

Ooooh! it's so delicate! Playlist included! Hey, isn't that a first for Akane? ^^;

Name of Skin: Fire Goddess
Skinned: eq - pl

Hmm, if I'm a fire dragon, does this mean I'm gonna look like her? *blinks*

Name of Skin: Kaori - Guardian Angel
Skinned: eq - pl

Awww, how sweet, but who's Kaori? Err, oh, I see, she's from the anime Variable Geo, oops ^^; though despite it, it's missing the minibrowser and AVS, good work though

Name of Skin: Saki and Rei - Lovers Forever
Skinned: eq - pl

No, not the Breath of Fire Rei, a different one that looks close to him, got a three because same as above

Name of Skin: Saki - Demon in Diguise
Skinned: eq - pl

Pretty happy looking demon, ne? ^^; same problem as before, oi, does she ever learn?

Name of Skin: Beautiful Death
Skinned: eq - pl - mb - avs

Wai! she did! She managed to skin the minibrowser and AVS! Still wondering why winamp gave it only a 3, hmm. Missing buttons maybe?

Name of Skin: Keep ' em Seperated
Skinned: eq - pl - mb

Inspired by the song 'Keep them Seperated' by Offspring. I love the way this blends! it would be a 5 but she forgot the AVS! >.< Maybe in the next version hopefully?

Name of Skin: Saki Shinjo - Death on Heels v2.0
Skinned: eq - pl - mb - avs

Ewww, she still scares me, I'd even give it a 5 but she forgot the volume and balance, but wouldn't it look funny on it? Only time will tell.

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