Malace Krew

Welcome to the official Malace Krew page. This page is dedicated to the world wide krew called Malace. The Malace krew was created by a group of asians and has many members from all across the world. Malace stands for Madd Asian Luv And Chaotic Ecstacy. This is a krew dedicated to uniting asians of all ethnic backgrounds from all over. We have about 100 members and are growing daily. There is no fee in joining so just sign up and in a short while you will probably become a member. There are some rules to follow so see below to find out what the rules are. This page is under construction because there was a sudden growth spurt and we have to create many new pages for those new members and we are creating a new layout. With this new change there also might be a name change and other changes. For more information on the krew see below.

Malace Krew Leader

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