LAST UPDATED: May 14th, 2001

*** What's new? ***
05/14 MY JAPAN ADVENTURE PAGE IS UP!! While I should have been studying, I put this page together. Go check it out---it's where I'm going to be posting all my Japan people & places pics. It's also got a bunch of other fun stuff there---like a BBS, guestbook, mail list, etc. The link for the page is below. Bookmark it!! KYAAA!!!
01/29 Actually, I updated this page a long time ago.. I just didn't write anything in here... so I'm doing that now.
- My entire story 'School Spirit' is online and ready to be read. I may make some small grammer changes to it someday, but besides that, it's done...
- Oh, New Years In Boston pics are online!! But if you want to see them, you have to e-mail me for the address. Heh, i don't have a link to the page off of here---some of the pics are a bit embarrassing and I wouldn't want some random person checking them out... heh... so if I know you, and you want to see them, just ask! ^_^
11/28 - Changed the banner for my Jrock/pop page. The guy on the banner (yes it is a guy) is Kyo, the lead singer from the group Dir en Grey----my favorite Japanese metal/rock group!! But i'm sure that this means nothing to most of you... oh wells ^_^
- Also, I've been writing a fictional story for my history class and I just posted chapter one of it up here. Tell me what you think.
10/1 - Added 2 more pannels to my comic strip!!
- Also, HELP!!! I need a title for my comic strip!! I can't think of anything. My mind is blank! Any ideas?
9/30 - Opened a new page--my comic strip page! Added 2 pannels of it. All CG graphics... it's going to be pretty special. Heh. I need to make a real banner for the page though.
9/28 - Added thumbnails to all my manga pics. Don't know why. I think I'm just trying to waste time. I need to stop thinking....
9/27 - Added a few more Giant Mountain Pics
9/13 - Added 4 Giant Mountain Pics up. I'm not in any of them though.

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