Let Me Tell You A Story...Hotaru's Fanfics

Welcome to my homepage! Some of these fanfics were orginally posted at Rei chans's page... please check it out! She has music, movies, almost everything! She's at: Rei's Temple of Moonie Devotion. Anyways, I've written fanfics for about a year now, and felt that it was about time I made myself a web page!

I've written my stories under the name `Hotaru/Amber,' and most of my fics are dramas. I would appreciate ANY comments, so you can e-mail me at hikarinokaze@yahoo.com (See? I got a new e-mail address! : )

Hey, look! A new archive just got put on the net, called Hotaru and Setsuna's Fanfic Archive It's a really nice page, so why not go visit it? (Even some of my fanfics are on it! ; )

You are Senshi To visit here! Thanks!

Look! Ten THOUSAND people! I can't believe it! It seems like just yesterday I was cheering about the first hundred...! Well, my page has actually been up for about 3 years now, with more fics on the go! Thanks, everyone!

HEY!!!! I found my password! I thought this page was permenantly dead, guys. Looks like I'm back... (Taru tries to wrap her mind around the idea). Wow... I started this page back in Grade 9, and now I'm in first year university.... but I hate seeing pages vanish... okay, this is what's going to happen. I am going to update this page. I owe a lot of people thank-you's, and when I get home tonight I'll try and put them all up here. Also coming is a "genre" index. Look!... :

Drama Comedy Poetry

Wow! How's that for a five-second table? I'll try to fill it in tonight. Whoah... I'm really excited to be back... okay, well, see you guys soon! For those of you wondering what's going on, this is the first five-minute update in like eight months. I'm glad to be back! Enjoy the fics, everyone!!!

One last thing: This is the webpage of one of my sister's friends, who I apparently got hooked on anime about 5 years ago. I just heard from her a couple of days ago, and she's become an incredible fanartist! She's not getting half the number of hits she deserves, so do her a favour and visit her page - you won't regret it! (I like the picture from the "Peach Girl" series under Misc., myself!!)
Amoured Prophet - the Works of Angel Jordan
Also, check out "Armoured Prophet", her new series - I love the way her b/w style's evolved!! :) Enjoy!

The first new fic of 2001 is now up! (Wow, that's sad...!) Oh well - this page is reborn! muwahahaha! ;) The fic is called "Worthy" and it's a Sailor Moon fic based around Mamoru. Hope you like! It might turn out to have a few sequels... I just have to find time to write...! Wait! Another fic's up! Wai! 2 in one day! (This is what happens when you don't post for so long!) This is an original story, based on Akino Arai's "Solitude". Look for the song at the bottom of the page - it's beautiful.

*All rights to Sailor Moon and all associated characters belong to Naoko Takeuchi, Toei animation and Kodansha Comics* *All rights to Rurouni Kenshin belong to Watsuki Nobuhito. (Pretty sure this is right now! It was wrong before - sorry, Watsuki-san!)

Let Me Tell You A Story...Hotaru's Fanfics

The Millenium Legacies
Mars Legacy - Destiny of Fire
Jupiter Legacy - Lightning Rose
Uranus and Neptune Legacy - Legends of Ocean and Sky
Saturn Legacy - Silent Ribbons
Pluto Legacy - Moments of Time

Shadows of the Moon Kingdom
Shadows 2
Shadows 3
Shadows 4
Shadows 5

A collection of stories that lead up to a point that has happened in the anime in the manga. (Back stories... ; ) This started with my Naru fic. I hope you enjoy these!

I Was Told In My Dreams

Collection of stories, based on, well, "After thoughts" of the senshi. This is actually like the fifth I've written, but it'll be the first I've put up. Enjoy!

Healer of the Stars
Haruka to Michiru
I've Loved You Always

Trial and Error
Phobos and Deimos
This is my fanfic about the guardians of Hino Rei, Phobos and Deimos.

Search for Your Love
Fanfic about a missing Kakyuu, centered around Seiya. One of my longer ones, and one of my favourites.

Cost of a Senshi
For the longest time this was one of my longest fics. One of my many favourites, it is a `what if' sort of fic, that answers the questions `What if Usagi never became Sailor Moon?'

Realms of Light and Dark
About Beryl and Queen Serenity. It covers a lot on their characters, hope you like!

A Senshi's Tale
About Sailor Galaxia, the Golden Senshi.

Where My Heart Is
This is the Sequel to `If Not For You,' and one of Rei-s favourites.

A World Not Forgotten
The Senshi of Crystal Tokyo look back on the life that once was.

If Not For You *Revised Version!*
Setsuna and Haruka face a world without Sailor Neptune. The revision is up! Please read!

Power Switch
My only comedic one, this fanfic is `What if the Inner Senshi and the Outer Senshi traded powers?'

Maybe Near, Maybe Far
A Christmas Fanfic about Haruka, takes place after the end of manga #10.

Esmeraude's Plea
Technically, this could be part of my `BackStories' series, but since the events are following Esmeraude's dying scream, I've kept it seperate. A relatively long one, centered around Esmeraude and Demando, as well as Sailor Cosmos. A prelude to `Destiny of the Soul.'

Until We Meet Again
It so happens that from time to time an author will get irritated with constant allusions to her favourite character being
in love with a pink haired spore... but I decided to write a nice one about them, none the less. This was written to give background to those people who put tidbits in their
fanfics on the possible romance between Small Lady Serenity and Tomoe Hotaru. If you've seen or read manga 9, you'll like this one.

Always and Forever
A shorter fanfic, but among the only ones I've seen that star the Sailor Senshi of Sailor Stars, Lethe and Mnemosyne.

A Story to Tell...From the pen of S. Meioh
My absolute favourite fic up, it takes a unique slant on things... Setsuna Meioh is a woman running an Antiques Shop. Take a peek at this one, and please tell me what you think! (Rei got me motivated to write it; had the idea for months in my head before telling her about it! Wrote it in two days!)

A Future Worth Waiting For
A fanfic about Michiru and Haruka's future, partially explaining why they aren't in Crystal Tokyo in Sailor Moon R. Rights, as always, to Sailor Moon and all associated characters belong to Naoko Takeuchi, Toei Animation and Kodansha Comics.

Anata Ga Ireba
A fanfic about Eternal Sailor Moon and the Outer Senshi. Granted, this one could be a tad confusing.

Time Training
Who taught who to use their weapons? Did Pluto teach Saturn or did Saturn teach Pluto? One of my best efforts, this fanfic is based around a scene in 198. Please read it!

Senshi No Umnei
How does Michiru feel about destiny ruling her life? What if it hadn't? The Soldier of Destiny dreams about what life might have been like and comes to terms with her own fate.

La Soldier
Sailor Chaos is back! In a final effort to save the galaxy, the senshi face the most power of all the Sailor Warriors, Chaos.

Time's Passings
Poetry by Hotaru/Amber

A Year Without You
A piece of poetry 'by' Jupiter, set in the future Crystal Tokyo. I used HTML with this one, so it looks nicer than the others! Please read it!

Firey Soul
A piece of Mars poetry, about her life as a warrior.

Out In the Infinities
Saturn, and how she must one day destroy the Earth she loves.

Nagareboshi He
Inspired by the song, a short poem written from Seiya's perspective.

First Snow
A short Ami-chan poem, on the first snows of the year.

Night Storm
Haruka reflects on the trials in her life.

On the Wings of a Pegasus
Future Small Lady Serenity dreams of the pegasus/prince she has not seen since she was young.

Minako thinks about her first love, Alan.

It Can't Rain All the Time
Short fanfic centered around Haruka and Michiru, way, way in the future. Credit for the title should go to the creators of the movie "The Crow", as it is a quote that I just loved.


This is a short fanfic about how Mamoru feels about being able to do so little for Usagi or his kingdom. It's likely to turn into a series, if I ever find time to write!!!

Hotaru's Book of Poetry
Poetry written by yours truly, presently contains 25 poems from various characters. Check it out! :)

Co-written by Harukami and Hotaru/Amber
Omake Theatre 1 - Omake to What? Dunno.

Rurouni Kenshin Fanfiction

Winter Reflections

The Cross We Must Bear
A fic about Shozo from Rurouni Kenshin. For those who don't know the historical background the "Christian Arc" was based upon in Kenshin, after Tokugawa Ieyasu established the Tokugawa Shogunate in early 1600's Japan, he requested that the Christians live the country. It wasn't until his son took over, though, that they were often executed for the beliefs. (Christianity was seen to have a destabilizing effect on the country, and thus the shoguns in power sought to rid the country and people of it.) Although many of the characters in Kenshin have "real life" counterparts, I don't believe that Shozo or Magdaria were based on actually Japanese historical figures. I hope you like this fic. (And, if you haven't guessed already, this is one of my serious ones.)

In the Night...
A Sanosuke/Kenshin poem. Well, sort of. It's supposed to be. ;)


My new "Crow" poem!! :) A bit of a wintery-feel to it, and it's about why Eric is on Earth and why he may stay. Hope you like! ^_^

Original Stories

Memory of a Dream

Staring out the window of a white room....
Based on Solitude, by Akino Arai.

Current MP3's

Ryoute Ippai
This song is from "The Heroic Legend of Arislan" and is /good/. It's soft, flowing, and beautiful... a song "full of hope and memory".

The Cruel Theme of Love
Okay - even if you haven't seen 3X3 Eyes, the fantasy/horror series about an immortal and her "Wu", Yakumo, get this song. Please! It's sooooo beautiful. It's only instrumental, but it has a lot of nostalgic feel to it. Very Asian sounding. (Due to the instruments chosen.) Lots of woodwind. And see 3X3 Eyes if you get the chance, too. ;)

Moment's Memory
Moment's Memory is the end song to the love-reincarnation anime/manga Please Save My Earth. Beautiful and ghostly... almost whispered at some points. Reminds me of waves.

Slayers Next Sound Bible 1 Track 5
Slayers is good! This is an instrumental track from the first Slayers Next Sound Bible.

Kiyoku Tadashii Christmas
Ranma 1/2 Christmas song that's really nice. Hey, 'tis the season....! ^_^

Want to try some other fics? Try my friend Minako's page - she's a bit nuts, but this particular page is full of her more serious fics. (I love her Utena and Gundam Wing ones!)

Exit the Insanity... the Rest of Minako's Fics

She has links there to her other 2 fanfic pages: Enter the Insanity... Minako's Fanfics and Minako's Ranma 1/2 fics. Go! Visit! Enjoy! ;)

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