Hello everyone! I have something to say, maybe sad, maybe not...oh well...

I have killed the page known as Ginzuishou's Crystal Power Page due to crappiness and wanting to spend my web energy in better projects, E.V.I.L. and more and E.V.I.L.NOW!. So from now on this is only Aya (aka Pika)'s weird personal page, called Déchaîné (unchained, in French)! You can get to the E.V.I.L. empire and other pages from here. I really enjoy cliques and strange quizzes of all kinds, so they'll be here too...

You can e-mail me!

Hey, apart from the page, you can still go to some of the GinCPP sub pages if you want too! (but none of the Sailormon related ones, really....)

There is my Profile
My Fanart
Cliques+Clubs; cliques are fun! Go here!
Weird Quizzes; Not actual quizzes...go and see!
E.V.I.L.and more HQ
E.V.I.L.NOW!; villain links
SpiderXSpider: French site about HunterXHunter villains
Do it Later: Clique for Procrastinators of all degrees
1001 nights: Kind of a character directory...

And Now for a vital link too!:

Anime Web Turnpike

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