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Ogata MegumiYamadera Kouichi

Ogata Megumi & Yamadera Kouichi

"Who are Ogata Megumi and Yamadera Kouichi?" you ask.
A fair enough question. They are my total favorite Seiyuu. That explain everything?
"What's a Seiyuu?!" you cry.
Okay, okay. A Seiyuu is the Japanese word for 'Voice Actor' or 'Voice Actress'. Now do you understand?
"Oh! So Ogata Megumi and Yamadera Kouichi are your favorite voice actors! Why didn't you say so to begin with...?"
I did! Anyways, this is my shrine honoring those two fabulous Seiyuu! I also am fairly certain this is the 1st Shrine for Megumi-sama and Kouichi-sama. ^_^ Now please, sit back, relax and click to your hearts content.

Yamadera Kouichi? Whose he?

  • Check out his Stat page: Yamadera Kouichi

    Ogata Megumi? Whose she?

  • Check out her Stat page: Ogata Megumi

    Still Hungry For More?

    I think I reconize him...what voices has he done?

  • Lets Find Out! Yamadera Kouichi's Voice List

    Isn't she the girl from....what was it?!

  • Its a Free-for-all at : Ogata Megumi's Voice List

    What Else is There?
    Okay I know who they are...but what do they sound like?
  • Listen to the Dreamy Voice of: Yamadera Kouichi or
  • Listen to the Smooth Voice of: Ogata Megumi

    I want MORE!

    More? Really?! Okay, how about...
  • Ogata Megumi's Image Shrine?!: Megumi's Image Shrine

  • Where did you get all this information?!
  • Mostly from Hitoshi Doi's Seiyuu database

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