In 1986, Voyager II passed Uranus. In addition to discovering ten additional moons, and at least eleven rings, it made another very interesting find. The spacecraft sent back very intriguing pictures to the scientists at NASA... almost as if there were architectural ruins on the planet's watery surface! It kept very quiet, so as not to spark any "little green men" debates, but a special spacecraft was sent to further study Uranus. This arrived in 1995, and explored the ruins, sending back great amounts of information to our scientists. NASA, in conjunction with archaeologists and the entire population of Roswell, New Mexico, has finally released its findings. The ruin which had first been spotted by Voyager II is now known to have been called Castle Miranda by its builders...once, it orbited the planet, but has since fallen to the surface. Enter and find out more about this lost kingdom! (Now, if they had only asked a Moonie, they could've received all of this information much more easily, but I guess they just didn't consider the option!)

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