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SSJ4 Gogeta's House of Dragon Ball (applause please)
Sunday, June 25th
"I ran out of toilet paper do you have a ps2 I can borrow?"–fellow NEForum goer Supafly
Click here to email Nintendo and demand Gold for Zelda VI!

Cute li'l pencil!Fan Art
Are you skilled with a pen or a pencil? If so, you might find the Fan Art section right up your alley. I'm no art critic, so anyone with or without skill can send in their art. Heck, even my friend Shawn's art is up in the section!
Send in your art today!

Every 1,000th visitor to my site will receive a special prize if they take a picture of the screen showing the counter reading at 1,000. Instructions on how to take a picture of the screen are located in the Prizes section.
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Do you feel like talking about something? Do you desperately need to curse the Hell out of me or someone else for some reason? Well then this is the section for you.
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Contact Me
If you ever need to contact me for whatever reason, you can click on the email links scattered all over the site, or you can email me directly at (this email resulted from the Yahoo/GeoCities merger...the nick ssj4gogeta was already taken). Also, my AOL IM screen name is Gogeta 204.

Your Power level is nowhere near SSJ4 Gogeta's!!

The long-lost fan art is up (for real)!
That damn idrive won't let anyone but idrive members see all the files so I moved everything over to the PU's account. Now you can see the files, and you'll be glad to know that I won't use idrive for your art anymore.

The long-lost fan art is up!
All the art that I've received over the past months is finally up (as if the people that sent it in really give a rat's ass). Head over to the fan art section and check it out! While you're there, you might also want read about the new convenient way to send me your art!

Pikachu's gettin' it; why not Link?
Recently, NOA officials stated that they were not sure whether or not the 6th Zelda, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, will come in the traditional Zelda gold cartridge. However, there have been talks about Pokémon Gold and Silver coming in gold and silver cartridges respectively. Being the Zelda fan I am, I got involved in Nintendojo's "Demand Gold" campaign. Fellow Zelda fans, just click on the banner above to email Nintendo demanding a gold cartridge for Zelda VI! Don't let that yellow, obese rat hog all the glory! If you have a site of your own, get involved in the campaign by putting up one of the banners from Nintendojo!

Page 3 is up!
Time for some Pikachu ass-kicking. Head on over to the art section right now!

Page 2 of the manga is up!
It's finally up so check it out right now! Oh, and please don't send fan art to anymore. That thing has been overloaded for months and won't receive anymore mail until I delete a couple of megabytes off! And I'm sorry to say this but my prize movies were all deleted months ago by the servers I had them on, so I have no prizes to give to those of you who sent in the pics of the counter every 10,000 hits. Servers are getting stricter and stricter on storage policies so I don't know where I can upload movies to anymore!

I'm baaaaack!!
Well, after more than 5 months I've finally updated the site again! The Pokémon Undergound is no more my friends, so now I can once again concentrate full-time on this site! Since it's my birthday, I thought I should do something special so I decided to update this old piece of crap; I felt I owed it to you guys that think I'm the guru on Dragon Ball, even though my knowlege of it is barely more than yours. Anyways, I'm just getting settled back in again so I have nothing to offer you right now...except this new manga (which will have its pages posted weekly, i.e. this week page 1, next week page 2, etc. Yes, I'm still the same old slacker!). All of you that sent in fan art while I was gone, don't worry, I'll have it all up shortly (i.e. never j/k!!). Oh, and contradicting what I stated last time, the site will not be moving anywhere. It turned out that has the same attitude about the storage of files other than .html files and image files that Xoom does, so SSJ4 Gogeta's House of Dragon Ball will remain on bad ol' GeoCities probably until its death. Goddamn it's good to be back home!

The purpose of this web site is not to infringe on any copyrights or to make money off Dragon Ball, but to increase the popularity of Dragon Ball throughout the world. If this web site has offended anyone, then I sincerely apologize for my actions.