Ami's Sector
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I'm still around. I'm sorry for the wait.
So expect the unexpected...
Broken links, missing pages... etc.

Has the SM Live Action movie been cancelled????
Must be. cause I haven't heard anything in a couple of years.

Hmm... I don't think it'd be any good anyway, but there are a couple of shots of what it may look like...
Enter this page at your own risk!!!
No I am not demoting the Sailor Moon series. I just think that a live-action movie of THAT quality would make it into a box-office-bomb.
Here's my opinion of what should be done:
#1: NO PLASTIC HAIR OR WIGS! It's called hair dye, and it does work.
And finally #3: How bout using some real clothing? Only Spice Girls wear plastic clothes. And look at how dumb they are!! (Well, Serena is dumb, maybe she should try out. Ewwww... Sailor Spice.)
Well, that's my opinion on it. Oh yeah! #4: Mercury better be cute! (Or else they'll hear from me and the rest of the male Mercury fans. And believe me, there's a lot of 'em!)

Now on to the real purpose of this page!
I'm trying to organize this a bit more. here's what I got.

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