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not that anyone has visited in the year or so since I put this lorem ipsum thing up. I just wanted to let those who might be trickling in sometime this month or next, that, indeed I am back online, and it should be noted, determined to make this a respectable, business type website. Naturally I wont be at geocities very much longer (hopefully). I need CGI..PHP..and while I'm on about it.. I need a decent coder..anyone wanna help?

new products featured at

check 'em out. it's just a start, but I like some of the new stuff and the old stuff is about to get tossed out, so if you like any of the old designs. please buy now, or let me know if you'd like to see a modified design.


I have a page on myspace now too. with some newer tunes, in case you've been listening to my dmusic and soundclick stuff too have haven't you?

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, doesn't begin to tell you all the cool stuff I have planned. stay tuned, We'll be back in a jiffy!

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