Saturday, May 20, 2000

Konnichiwa ppl. I'm very sorry to announce this, but i am giving up hope for this site. You see, this site was supposed to be made by 2 ppl (jus' to make it easier), Ami-chan and me. Well, one person decided to quit, Ami-chan. That's probably because we haven't updated in around 2 years (which i have mentioned a couple of times). Then i finally updated, which was sorta pointless (my intrest in sailormoon is.. not at a high point). So, as you can see, the site is a complete failure. You can still go to the site, just don't try to contact us. Also, much of it is not finished, and never will be. I hope you can understand. Thanks.
- Hotaru-chan

You can still visit it at this link: Hikawa Jinja. 1