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Here's a Piccy of my current RC car, a Tamiya TA03F, too slow!!! I wanna go NITRO!!! As good as all the stickers look, i don't think i'll ever cover another car in stickers, took me 3 hours or more to cut and stick all of the decals!!!

As you see I have finally got round to learning HTML and making a homepage of my very own. After trying for a while with Geobuilder (which won't work on my PC for some reason) i looked round for something easy to use. Here you will find various things on my main interests such as my facination of motorsports. I'll list everything here!, if i could be bothered!!

20/3/99 - Last time i did any work on this page was last year, around november time, damn i'm lazy!! heheheh. Well it's now March 99 and we comin up to the next millenium, so what have i been up to of late? nothing much, i got my drivers licence, FREEDOM, now all i need is a car!

19/4/99 - Finally got my scanner up n running after some nightmare probs wif my computer, up to about 50th installation of windows!!! Well some pics as promised about a year ago, damn I'm lazy!! Photos taken at Calder Park Raceway on a very cold and miserable day. Easter was good cos i got some much needed sleep, all is well and the search for my car is still going on! Read about my current mode of transport.

16/5/99 - another month passes, still don't have a car, and starting to like driving the van, just a little bit scary when it gets windy, just like a giant sail!! crosswind, arrrgh!! Did a drving course on the 3/5 cos my mum's insurance company said when they put my name down for nominated driver of the falcon (FORds Suck ass!!) and was all the way down in altona, nothing much learnt for me though, cept that's it's real easy to lock up the brakes in the falcon : ) Only got it outta shape once, and that's cos the instrutor was tellin me to GAS GAS!! GAS!!!, cos he wanted to show the others in my group what a RWD car handles like(cos they were both driving mazda 323's) There's nothing new here just got really bored so i write something here : )

12/06/99 - Fired up the bug for the first time in a a long time, it hasn't been started since my dad bought a motorbike to ride to work, cos the bug has a huge crack in the crank case. It's really good on oil!! It's not as fast as remembered when i was a little kid, but when you grow up in a family that only has a bug and a van, the bug feels a hell of alot faster!!! One day i hope to build it up to it's former glory, as the toll of being a daily driver has it showing a few signs of wear, com'on it's a almost forty!!

07/07/99 - Still no car but i don't really mind. I've got a new interest in RC cars as i've discovered what a buzz it is to hear a nitro touring car shift gears, Baaaaaaa Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Shift!!! Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! These little things absolutely FLY!!! literally I got my eye on a kyosho gp2, hopefully i can get enough money together and start racing soon. (RACING:keep it off the streets!!)

14/09/99 - haven't updated in ages!! Got a new/old car, my nitro car is up and running, although on the back-burner while i was sorting out my BUG. Fresh motor was fired up tonite, sounds sweet, although clucth seems wrong, not getting full travel for some reason. Anyways off to bed, 23 tomola, summers coming, woohoo. Later ppl. Whoever reads this :)

7/10/99 - Crashed my bug!!! Damn! only 400 miles a on the new motor and i pranged it big time, well big enough to need a BIG hammer, hehehe Check Out pics of my misfortunes via link below. Next bug I build is gonna have disc brakes, for sure. Seeing an accident about to unfold and not having the ability to slow down is not fun. LAter peeps ;)

11/12/99 - My luck don't get any better does it, Some lowlife f#$k stole my tarago, yes you read correct, THE TARAGO HAS BEEN STOLEN. Found the next day some 100 k away. minus a 4 channel amp, my dad's handfree kit. Just washed it too! Ahhh well, i ain't deaded still got limbs, life's good!! hehe. PIcs and story to come. If i could be bothered.

5/1/00 - WoooooHooooooo, Igot a car!!! yeeeehhaaaaaaaa! After a week of auctions of which my family came and stayed through(over 9 hours of listening to auctionners), Scouring newspapers and car classifieds, 40 or more car yards, which me and my dad walked through in the wind and rain, we went back the the first place we saw a decent car, in my price range. An 86 "Rolla" is my new car, not an AE86 :) (not delivered to Aus in Twincam form, Too much work to convert) but a AE82, red, hatch, a bit rough but i like it. More to come. I always say that, this time i will deliver!!

5/1/00 - This whole web thing is getting a bit tired. new page, enjoy

19/9/02 - Gees, been ages since i've visited my site, how lame. Updates, none. I got a new car, AE86, seems my last comment goes right out the window. My red Twincam16 was sold, though still lives on street. Doubt anymore work will happen on this site, but you never know.

14/1/04 - Geocities sent me a message saying they'll delete my account if i don't update. So here it is :)

Cars: 3 AE86's, 1 TA63
Girls: 0
Job: Mobil - Console Op, Head Host Shanghai @ Evolution, mention my name for Guestlist Entry

MENU - mmmm, food :)

#DannybOY's Personal TransPorT# (for the time being anyway!!)

#DannybOY's AE82# Pic, stats, a story

#DannybOY's Other CAr# (A little about my 1960 vw beetle)*was NEW*

#DannybOY's Outing To Calder# (small cos it was too freakin cold to stay out n take pics!!)

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